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Pokemorphs book1 chapter1

Hi people! I’m an aspiring author (aren’t we all), and I’ve been working on a book! I’ve… not had much time for actual WRITING, due to all my time spent on character design. My character, Joshua, is pretty special. he’s what’s called a pokemorph: half human, half pokemon. now, I know a lot of you out there don’t like pokemon, or even hate it (who would blame you; the anime’s ANNOYING), but even non-pokemon fans would like this:

Chapter 1: Little red Rocket hood
It was raining again. Someone was following me in the city, but, with it being Saffron, I couldn’t tell who among all the busyness of the streets. I kept walking, avoiding being noticed by any passerby, but for some reason I just knew I was being followed. There was an alley up ahead, and I ducked in. Then I saw who it was. It was easy to tell, with their black “R” print clothes. Team Rocket was after me. Just as I broke into a run, I barely heard a *pop* as something shot me in the back and pinned me to the building across the way.
“Why are you following me?” I demanded. This was my great talent. Being a smart alek. I’d never give away a secret; I’d deny knowing a thing about it.
“I have a simple reason. You have some information that I want to reveal to everybody in the Pokémon world.”
“If you think I’m taking off my clothes, you’re the most psycho guy in the history of psychos.” Next thing I know, ZAP!!! That freak hit me with a Taser!!! Who does he think he is???
But then, I got a horrible sensation in my head, then remembered what mom had told me years back: “never get shocked by electricity. It will not only hurt, but you honestly do not want to have anyone see what it does to you.”
Suddenly, I started hearing people gasping in horror. I was transforming! There was black and red fur growing all over my body. I started growing a tail. And the worst part was, I had morphed into my true form: a Zorua Pokémorph.