The Euro: a tidalwave of potential debt

This is scary. The Euro is dying. It has been for years, but people have been attempting to fix it. But now, fixing it won’t help anymore. If the Euro goes down, and nothing can stop it, it will create a hypothetical tidalwave of debt that will hypothetically bring down the global economy. We need a miracle, and I don’t think that’s gonna be american taxpayers’ money. One idea is to let it crash; we already have lots of banks underwater, and those went down because of bailouts; so we could let it go down, suffer the consequences, and fix the new problems. But if we keep bailing out the euro, it could crash even harder later on. Another idea would be to bail it out, of course, and have the euro change its ways. Unlike Solyndra and GM, the Eurozone could put new and better people in charge, and the problem would be over, just like that.

It’s a catch 22, if you ask me.

Story reported on America Live with Megan Kelly

Blogged by me.

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