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Skyrim: irl foraging

I found some thistle by the highway a few days ago, and immediately it occured to me that “this looks just like the plant from Skyrim!”; so one day later, I took a picture. since then, I’ve been looking around for plants from Skyrim in real life, and I’ll be posting pictures soon. so keep a lookout!


MythBusters: AKA house busters?

Today on a live episode of Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters”, things didn’t go the way they should’ve. Fox News Reports:

“A stunt for the show, “Mythbusters,” went awry  Tuesday when a cannonball was launched through the side of a California  home.

The house in Dublin — southeast of Oakland — was  hit at about 4:15 p.m. when a cannonball was “misfired” from a nearby bomb  range, KTVU-TV reported, citing the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.

A sheriff’s spokesperson said “the cannonball took a  few unfortunate bounces” before hitting the home, going all the way through the  house before smashing the window of a mini van, KTVU-TV reports.

“That cannonball careened off the hill at a very bad  trajectory and carried into this neighborhood,” J.D. Nelson of Alameda County  Sheriff’s Department said.”

The stunt was meant to prove a myth was true or false (the “Myth” was unspecified by Fox news), but the result was unexpectedly destructive.

I watch MythBusters often enough to know that they do what they can to avoid problems such as this. perhaps if they were to experiment farther from the city, less problems would occur. Considering the event though, I believe someone wanted it to happen. It could’ve been one of the two hosts, a crew member, or one of the other cast members of the show. Of course, it’s an unlikely conclusion.


Hi people of the web! I’m on sparkteens!

What is sparkteens, you say? Only one of the best fitness tracking programs on the internet! You can track your weight, nutrition, fitness, and other goals; along with joining groups, blogging, posting on message boards, and taking polls!

So far, I’ve gotten in four teams, taken a few polls, read many boards, added three streak trackers, and started tracking my fitness and nutrition. Frankly, I eat too many sweets.

The Euro: a tidalwave of potential debt

This is scary. The Euro is dying. It has been for years, but people have been attempting to fix it. But now, fixing it won’t help anymore. If the Euro goes down, and nothing can stop it, it will create a hypothetical tidalwave of debt that will hypothetically bring down the global economy. We need a miracle, and I don’t think that’s gonna be american taxpayers’ money. One idea is to let it crash; we already have lots of banks underwater, and those went down because of bailouts; so we could let it go down, suffer the consequences, and fix the new problems. But if we keep bailing out the euro, it could crash even harder later on. Another idea would be to bail it out, of course, and have the euro change its ways. Unlike Solyndra and GM, the Eurozone could put new and better people in charge, and the problem would be over, just like that.

It’s a catch 22, if you ask me.

Story reported on America Live with Megan Kelly

Blogged by me.

Pokemorphs book1 chapter1

Hi people! I’m an aspiring author (aren’t we all), and I’ve been working on a book! I’ve… not had much time for actual WRITING, due to all my time spent on character design. My character, Joshua, is pretty special. he’s what’s called a pokemorph: half human, half pokemon. now, I know a lot of you out there don’t like pokemon, or even hate it (who would blame you; the anime’s ANNOYING), but even non-pokemon fans would like this:

Chapter 1: Little red Rocket hood
It was raining again. Someone was following me in the city, but, with it being Saffron, I couldn’t tell who among all the busyness of the streets. I kept walking, avoiding being noticed by any passerby, but for some reason I just knew I was being followed. There was an alley up ahead, and I ducked in. Then I saw who it was. It was easy to tell, with their black “R” print clothes. Team Rocket was after me. Just as I broke into a run, I barely heard a *pop* as something shot me in the back and pinned me to the building across the way.
“Why are you following me?” I demanded. This was my great talent. Being a smart alek. I’d never give away a secret; I’d deny knowing a thing about it.
“I have a simple reason. You have some information that I want to reveal to everybody in the Pokémon world.”
“If you think I’m taking off my clothes, you’re the most psycho guy in the history of psychos.” Next thing I know, ZAP!!! That freak hit me with a Taser!!! Who does he think he is???
But then, I got a horrible sensation in my head, then remembered what mom had told me years back: “never get shocked by electricity. It will not only hurt, but you honestly do not want to have anyone see what it does to you.”
Suddenly, I started hearing people gasping in horror. I was transforming! There was black and red fur growing all over my body. I started growing a tail. And the worst part was, I had morphed into my true form: a Zorua Pokémorph.